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*All the wallpapers on this site are 636 x 98 pixels.  For Kontakt users with newer versions that no longer expand (EVEN 5.6.6) there are two different ways to fit these wallpapers in your machine without any issues.

Option 1:  Use one of the templates we have provided (whichever you prefer) and fit the wallpaper inside the lines of the template, (DO NOT BE CONCERNED WITH THE WORDS ON THE TEMPLATE), save it as "wallpaper.png" and place it in the folder as you would any other wallpaper.  Works great!

Option 2:  Forget about the template, resize the wallpaper to 534 x 99 pixels, place it in the folder as usual.  Works great!

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Wallpapermakers, home to more than 2,000 Kontakt Wallpapers.  Can't find the wallpaper you're looking for?  Simply click on "Requests" it will take you to a live link where we will be happy to create the paper you're searching for.   

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